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   Src ID   Title, Author 
151 S140 Radmacher Tree - Bukovina Society of the Americas
Compiled by Waldemar Radmacher 
152 S51 Reckmann Tree - Bukovina Society of the Americas
Compiled by Doug Reckmann 
153 S83 Regina Cemetery Record
154 S193 Regush Genealogy
Compiled by Curtis Regush 
155 S178 Renner Web Site
Compiled by Angela Renner 
156 S90 Researh on Wendling Family in Canada
Compiled by Alice Garner 
157 S60 Resettlement Documents
Compiled by Steve Stoud 
158 S147 Right to the Point: A History of Regina Beach
Compiled by Regina Beach Historical Society 
159 S72 Ritter - Leib Genealogy
160 S194 Rumpel - Dutton Genealogy
Compiled by Kellie Antonia Rumpel 
161 S50 Rumpel Famiily in Brasil
Compiled by Adilson Clayton de Souza 
162 S4 Rumpel Genealogy
Compiled Rick Rumpel 
163 S175 Russell Web Site
Compiled by Mary Russell 
164 S198 Schauffert Genealogy
Compiled by Siegfried Schauffert 
165 S188 Schenk Family Tree
Compiled by Trudy Schenk 
166 S34 Schettler Genealogy
167 S161 Schick Genealogy
Compiled by Carol Mignon (nee Schick) 
168 S116 Schlievert (Garfield Allen) Genealogy
Compiled by Nancy Packham 
169 S19 Schlievert - Becker Genealogy
Compiled by Linda Art 
170 S114 Schlievert Descendants
Compiled by Andriend Schlievert (nee Turgeon) 
171 S117 Schlievert Genealogy
Compiled by Laurie Lovelace 
172 S197 Schlievert-Wison Genealogy
Bernedette Margaret Louise Wilson (nee Schlievert) 
173 S42 Schmidt Family Tree
Compiled by Al Schmidt 
174 S107 Schmidt Genealogy
Compiled by Lawrie Schmidt 
175 S74 Siewi Triee - Bukovina Society of the Americas
Compiled by Gertrud Siewi 
176 S18 Silzer - Janda Genealogy
Compiled by Nancy Silzer Janda 
177 S65 Slawski Geneology
Compiled by Erich Slawski 
178 S150 Social Security Death Index
179 S29 Speitelsbach Genealogy
Compiled by Chris Speitelsbach 
180 S190 Spreacker Family Tree
Compiled by Spreacher 
181 S16 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1890-1990
Compiled by Richard Hordern 
182 S172 Stenholm Genealogy
Compiled by Kevin Stenholm 
183 S184 Stevens Family Tree
Compiled by Barbara Stevens 
184 S189 Taccola Family Tree
Compiled by Wayne Taccola 
185 S113 Talk Of The Town - Balgone Community Newsletter
Town of Balgonie, SK, Canada 
186 S160 Telkamp Genealogy
Compiled by Don Telkamp 
187 S31 The Branches and Limbs of the Fischer-Scherle Family
Compiled by Jesse Burton 
188 S185 The Earl Grey Rumpels
Compiled by Donna Rumpel (nee Schulz) 
189 S25 The Lindenbach Lineage
Compiled by Larrilee Lindenbach-Hotson 
190 S211 Therens Croissant Genealogy
Loella Joan Therens 
191 S20 Tiefenbach - Berry Genealogy
Compiled by Edythe Tiefenbach (nee Berry) 
192 S15 Tiefenbach - Scheer Genealogy
Compiled by Gladys LaValley (nee Scheer) 
193 S93 Todd - Sandberg Family Tree
Site owner - b2h21 
194 S181 Todesfällentegister der evangelische Kirchengemeinde C. A. aus Cernauti.
Register Karl Laufersweiler, Lehrer. 
195 S217 Todesurkunde
Evangelisches Dekanat von Bukovina 
196 S103 Tosczak Genealogy
Compiled by Kurt Joseph Tosczak 
197 S218 Trauungsschein
Bukovina Evangelisch Bezirks Dekanat 
198 S1 Vital Records, Birth Certificate - Province of Saskatchewan
199 S129 Vital Records, Registration of Birth - Province of Manitoba
200 S12 Vital Records, Registration of Birth - Province of Saskatchewan
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